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Rosie Gwen

No-time self care for mums


Creating space for mums to prioritise self-care and wellness.

Blending my skills as a yoga teacher and practitioner, happiness coach and facilitator, I empower mums to bring themselves back from "mum" to "me".

Hi, I'm Rosie, mum to a beautiful two year old daughter. After a difficult first year as a mum, with my mental health and relationships at rock bottom, I hit an all-time low and needed to put myself first; I'd neglected "me" for my new family. And that didn't help any of us. Slowly, I started to piece myself back together. The support I had emerging as a new mum out of the pandemic was minimal, so I've created what I feel I needed, and every mum deserves. Whether you're a first-time mum in the early months with your new baby, or anywhere else on the bumpy road of motherhood, this space is for you.

Rosie is sat on a dusky pink sofa with her legs crossed, smiling at the camera.


Big change is hard, and unrealistic for busy mums. Bring a sense of calm and balance back into your life, little by little.

Happiness and Wellbeing Coaching

Being a mum is rewarding and tough. Sometimes all we need is to be seen and heard, with someone on our side and in our corner. Experience one-on-one coaching sessions tailored to the experience of motherhood. Guiding mums to reconnect with their true self and cultivate balance, joy, self-awareness and peace. Rebuild your confidence to thrive in motherhood and create the new self-care practice you deserve.

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New Mum and
Postnatal Yoga

Individualised, one-on-one postnatal yoga classes in the comfort of your home. As a new mum, it can feel impossible to prioritise yourself in the early days, weeks and months with a baby. I come to you, in your space, with your baby nearby. Ideal for during nap times or when your baby can be with a loved one in another room. With time to pause for feeds, cuddles and soothing, as being a mum doesn't stop.

A black mother is on the floor on her yoga mat with her young child

Wellbeing Workshops
and Classes

Discover a supportive and nurturing community for mums, dedicated to promoting positive wellbeing through self-care, wellness, yoga, and coaching. Join other strong and confident mothers who prioritise their wellness while navigating the challenges of motherhood. Show yourself some self-love and create a balanced, fulfilling life for you, and in turn, your family.

A woman is sat cross-legged burning incense and using a sound bowl

Private Hatha
Yoga Classes

Learn how to boost self-healing and beat stress through the ancient yogic path to wellbeing. Ease into a gentle, slower yoga practice that focuses on controlled movement, stretches, deep relaxation and the breath to promote positive physical and mental wellbeing. This holistic approach also focuses on positive thinking, meditation and traditional practices to uplift the mind, open the heart and bring inner peace for a more grounded you. In-person or online.

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