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The Healing Power of Nature for Self Care

Raising children in the 21st century is frenetic. Never in history has adulting, let alone parenting, been so fast paced, full on and switched on. Getting out in nature as a mum does happen - but it's usually because we putting our little ones' needs first rather than deciding it's a non-negotiable for us (hello playground play dates and puddle-stomping outside on wet days).

As the season clicks to autumn, before the clocks go back, there really is no better time to get outside and reap the benefits. The sound of crisp golden leaves crunching under foot, fresh moss hugging tree roots and taking in nature's rich copper shades can do wonders for our mental health.

Spending time in nature has been scientifically proven to have numerous benefits on our emotional and mental wellbeing. Multiple studies have shown that spending time in natural environments can reduce our stress levels and the symptoms of depression, plus trigger the release of endorphins. Just a short stint outdoors can help lower the stress hormone cortisol, which in turn can boost mood and reduce anxiety. Going one step further and disconnecting from your phone in the great outdoors can enhance the calming effects and help you to be fully present.

Another benefit of spending time in the great outdoors is the effect is has on cognitive function. Time spent in nature has been linked to improved concentration, creativity and problem-solving skills. In other words, it provides a mental break from the demands of daily life, allowing the mind to reset and function effectively. So the next time your snowed under, remember to allocate time to reconnect to the natural world on your doorstep. And it might feel like a big step, but sharing with your family your desire for some quality "me-time" is important and beneficial for the whole family.

Some soothing (and realistic) suggestions for outdoor self care, to boost energy and combat fatigue:

  1. Nature Walks: Take regular short walks in a nearby park, nature reserve, or even around your neighbourhood. Aim for at least 20-30 minutes of walking to reap nature's rewards.

  2. Picnics: Plan a picnic with your family in a local park. Enjoy a delicious and healthy meal outdoors, and take the time to unwind and connect with loved ones.

  3. Gardening: If you have a garden, potted plants or access to outdoor space, spend time tending to plants and flowers. Gardening is a therapeutic activity that allows you to connect with nature while also nurturing it.

  4. Forest Bathing: Try forest bathing, a Japanese practice known as shinrin-yoku. Simply immerse yourself in a forest or wooded area, and mindfully engage with your surroundings, focusing on the sights, sounds, and smells of the forest.

  5. Yoga or Meditation: Practice outdoor yoga or meditation in a peaceful natural setting. Find a quiet spot, lay down a mat or blanket, and enjoy the serenity of nature while practicing mindfulness.

  6. Family Nature Adventures: Plan family outings that involve nature, such as hiking, cycling, or camping. This allows you to bond with your children while also benefiting from outdoor time.

  7. Nature Journaling: Bring a journal and pen with you on your outdoor excursions. Take notes, sketch what you see, or simply write down your thoughts and feelings while in nature.

  8. Digital Detox: Unplug from digital devices during your outdoor self care time. Disconnecting from screens and notifications can enhance the calming effects of nature.

Remember that looking after yourself through acts of self care and energy management is essential for your overall wellbeing. Incorporating outdoor activities into your routine can be a rejuvenating way to prioritise yourself, reduce stress, and nurture your mental and emotional health, especially as a busy mum. Fresh air, sunlight and movement. It's no wonder it's now being prescribed on the NHS!

P.S. - If you're currently struggling to make yourself a priority as a mum, my free guide can help. Download it from my homepage.

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