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Three things I wish I’d known as a new mum

So, you’ve downloaded my free guide, read it (in a stop-start fashion between the demands of motherhood) but it still feels a little too much to absorb and put into practice. If this sounds like you then I’m already one step ahead, as in this blog post I’ve created a walk-through of when and how to start using my guide, so that it’s actionable today. Think of it like the official guide companion.

Disclaimer: It goes without saying that you can do these once your little one is asleep at night or during nap times (if they still nap). But I know this time, especially in the early months, is way too precious when the other options are to shower or sleep. Which is why I focus on how to incorporate these mini moments into your day whilst doing other things, instead of setting time aside for them (and BONUS, two out of three of them can be done in the shower!).

Let’s start with regular movement. The Easy Bridge poses are super simple (but effective) exercises that only take a matter of minutes to do. As you need to be on the floor, these are perfect to do when you’re already on the mat at home with your little one. So next time your babe is practising tummy time or playing with their toys, use this as your opportunity for mummy time! I’m sure they’ll be entertained watching you, too.

Conscious breathing, or “proper breathing” is the easiest of the three to implement. Why not do it now? As you read this, let’s do it together. Firstly, how are you breathing right now? Notice how you inhale and exhale. Is your breathing quick and shallow? Did you just take a deep sigh without even realising? We can hack into our entire energy system by paying attention to how we breathe. Now, wherever you’re reading this (shout out to the mums locked in the bathroom reading this on the loo - I see you, and I’ve been there) slowly draw your attention to your abdomen. Take a long inhale through your nose, first expanding your abdomen, then up to the chest, and finally the upper chest area. Then exhale in exactly the same way; empty the breath from your abdomen, from your chest, from your clavicle. When my daughter was a baby I always practised this when feeding her to sleep as the deep and gentle waves of breath helped to calm and regulate her, just as they did me. I still do this as I lie with her until she falls asleep, and she turns two next week.

It’s a no-brainer that self-guided relaxation can be done in bed, last thing at night. It’s my favourite thing to do once I hit the light, to ease my body into a peaceful state for sleep. However, you could also do this during a feed with your baby. Zone out and start scanning your body from the toes up, gently guiding yourself into a relaxed state by repeating the soothing signals in your head. The real beauty of this tool is twofold: 1) no-one knows you’re doing it and 2) you can make it as long or short as you like. Stuck doing a mammoth feed? Go longer and pay attention to every area of your body (i.e. “toes, heels, ankles, calves, knees, thighs…”) or just need a quick reset? Then “feet, legs, arms…” will do!

If following these steps still feels a little too much, that’s okay. Listen to your mind and your body and honour what they say. These tools are here for you whenever you want and need them, so if not today, maybe tomorrow, or set an intention for the next week to take a micro moment to yourself. It’s on your terms. It’s not supposed to be another should on your endless to-do list. Yet I can promise you one thing, once you’re ready and start to take a few small moments out of your day just for you, the ripple effect will be huge. So, when you are ready, give it a go. And if you’ve made it all the way through this post and you don’t have your free guide yet, hit subscribe and wait for it to be delivered to your inbox.

I’d love to hear how you get on so please keep in touch by replying to an email, commenting on a post, or DMing me on Instagram.

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